Preparing For College

Preparing for College

While we have many points of pride, few match being able to say that our recent graduates have been accepted at the best colleges and universities.

The college application process can be daunting — which is why we seek to guide students and parents every step of the way. Our comprehensive college counseling program assists with everything from test preparation to visit planning to application processing. We make sure that all deadlines are met, and all questions answered. Ultimately, our goal is to match each girl with the colleges or universities that best suit her talents, interests, and abilities.

At Chatham, every student actively participates in the college preparation process. Students meet frequently with a college counselor and attend a college prep class that meets once a week for a full academic year (from December of the junior year through November of the senior year).  
Some components of the college prep class and college counseling process include:

  • PSAT preparation and results analysis
  • SAT and ACT registration, preparation, and practice
  • Tours of area colleges and universities
  • Self-discovery exercises and analysis related to college and career choices
  • Essay-writing practice (in conjunction with English classes)
  • Planning and maximizing college visits
  • Meeting representatives of colleges who visit Chatham Hall
  • Evaluating pros and cons of early decision/early action

For more information, contact Earl Macam, director of college counseling.

Where Our Girls Are Going

Johns Hopkins
University of Virginia
Southern Methodist University
UNC–Chapel Hill
Notre Dame
University of Chicago
Virginia Tech
Boston College

“I knew I’d be ready for college. I took two AP Calculus classes, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and a terrific robotics course. But what most prepared me was the strong study and work ethic Chatham Hall gave me.” — Sandy Turnbull, CH Class of 2007 and graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

“My goal since age four was to be a veterinarian. I came to Chatham Hall with two interests: to continue to ride horses and to prepare for vet school. I took away a drive for knowledge and a strong character shaped by the school’s moral codes.” — Suzanne Clark, CH Class of 2004 and graduate with a B.S. in Animal Science from Cornell University and a vet degree from Virginia Tech

“The key to Chatham Hall’s college preparation is the insistence on excellence in writing. Many college students, no matter how intelligent and well-spoken, lack robust writing.” — Kate Burns, CH Class of 2009 and current student at Georgetown University