Summer Experience

Summer Experience

About Chatham Hall:
Established in 1894, Chatham Hall, is an independent, college preparatory boarding school for girls in grade 9-12. Founded as the first girl’s Episcopal school in southern Virginia, we are a community grounded in the values of the Episcopal faith. Chatham Hall  prepares girls for college and for productive lives. Our rigorous educational program encourages intellectual growth, creativity, and personal responsibility. We foster the intellect and character of each student and, through our Honor Code, live in a community of trust. Grounded in its Episcopal heritage, the school welcomes students of all faiths and backgrounds.

In short, Chatham Hall empowers girls to better the world.

Summer Experience:
The five-week Chatham Hall Summer Experience provides girls with a fun and enriching program of varied activities taught by Chatham Hall faculty. Through a unique blend of innovative and engaging courses in history, sciences and the arts, girls explore, collaborate and challenge themselves and each other intellectually and creatively. They learn to play and compete in a variety of team and individual sports and develop friendships through sharing rooms with girls from different regions and countries. Finally, girls participate in some of Chatham Hall’s time-honored traditions, a hallmark of our school which fosters a cohesive community of trust and responsibility.

By the Numbers:
Summer Experience is designed for girls entering grades six through nine.
The cost of the five-week program is $6000 inclusive of all meals, housing, and activities.
Each individual week costs $1250. A $500 non-refundable deposit is due on April 1. Final payment is due on May 1.
For questions, please email Anna-Karin Li, Director of Global Strategic Programs at or call 434-432-5530.

2017 Summer Experience Program

A Capital Adventure  July 2-July 8
Washington DC and Chatham, Virginia
The first week will begin with an exploration of our nation’s capital visiting monuments, museums, and important historic sites in the capital and northern Virginia with individual research topics developing as we go. In addition, we plan to attend the rich array of Independence Day events including concerts, fireworks displays, and food tasting. Transportation around the city will be in our school vans and accommodations at a local boarding school.

Science Investigators  July 9-July 22
Through the integration of the areas of biology, chemistry and technology, students assume the role of crime scene investigators in order to solve a mock crime. The two-week program consists of three 90 minute class periods a day where they develop the techniques they will need to solve the “crime”. With investigations into atomic structure, chemical bonding, genetics and DNA structure, students learn through laboratory activities what it means to be a forensic scientist.

Power Play Theater    July 23-July 29
Over the course of only one week create an original play by developing a story, dialogue, and a final script together with your classmates. Explore literary elements of character, conflict, resolution, and setting, and learn about diction, stage movement, and blocking. Design and build a simple set, make and collect props and design and create costumes. Finally, perform your original work in our black box theater and take home a digital copy of the show.

Rah-Rah-Robotics  July 30-August 5
Delve into cyber technology by designing, building, and programming a robot. Discover the secrets of game design and coding.  Experience the excitement of STEM-related exploration such as drone piloting and 3-D design.  After camp, the fun continues as you will be able to take home your own mobile robot, program and ideas to continue learning.


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