Nilsen Merit Scholarship

One of the largest single gifts ever made to any girls’ independent school is the $31 million given to Chatham Hall from the estate of alumna Elizabeth Beckwith Nilsen, Class of 1931. This gift represents an amazing level of support inspired by Mrs. Nilsen’s lifelong appreciation for – and fond memories of – her student days at Chatham Hall. Mrs. Nilsen once remarked, “Chatham Hall was the best thing that ever happened to me.” Her remarkable gift is, without question, one of the best things ever to happen to Chatham Hall – and perhaps, in turn, to you.

If you are a girl who has what it takes to be a Nilsen Scholar, you are a girl with great expectations. You excel in academics. You have special talents. You are an achiever. It is important to find a school that is as dynamic as you are. Not simply a strong school, but an exceptional school such as Chatham Hall.

Qualified students must have:

  • An exceptional academic record
  • 90% and higher scores on the SSAT
  • A commitment to integrity and honor
  • Talents that contribute to school life (e.g., leadership, the arts, athletics)
  • Excellent recommendations

To apply, please submit the Chatham Hall Application and complete the 250-500 word essay found here. To be considered for a Nilsen Merit Scholarship, students must be new domestic applicants.