Dorm Photos

"Leaving my family was hard at first but I wasn't upset for long! The upperclassmen on my halls were more than willing to walk with me to meals and share tips on how to thrive away from home. I quickly became comfortable with the dorm faculty and I knew that I could confide in them if I needed to. It so comforting to know that I wasn't alone and that I had a new family and new routines."
- Madison McAdams ‘14


"The House Faculty at Chatham Hall strives to build strong, supportive, and caring relationships with the students; we want each girl to feel special and valued. The dorm faculty enjoys welcoming students into our apartments, sharing meals with them in Yardley, and getting to know them outside of the classroom. We also want to assist our students with navigating through the various challenges they face while attending boarding school. 
With nurturing, guidance, and acceptance we also challenge our students to try new things, be an advocate for themselves, and continue to develop life skills that will assist with communicating, living, and working with others in the future."
- Jane Allen, Assistant Head of Residence & Assistant Athletic Director ‘00