Annual Fund FAQs

Annual Fund FAQs

What percent of the operating budget is funded by the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is responsible for approximately 12% of the operating budget.  Gifts to the Annual Fund provide that margin of difference between a good school and a great school. Chatham Hall is a great school, thanks to your support.

How do I make a gift of stock to the Annual Fund?

Contact the Advancement Office at 434 432-5600.

What are the dates of each year’s Annual Fund drive?

July 1st to June 30th. 

If I pledge to the Annual Fund, when must I send in my gift?

To be counted in an Annual Fund drive, gifts must be received or postmarked by June 30th.  Chatham Hall will send you a reminder of your pledge. Unpaid pledges to the Annual Fund are voided after June 30th.

I already gave a gift this year, so why am I still receiving appeals?

Please call the Advancement Office at 434 432-5600.  Our records do not show a gift made by you for this year’s Annual Fund drive. Your gift may have been given prior to July 1 for the last Annual Fund drive.  If you made a gift of stock and did not notify the School, we may not know that you made a gift. Or, your gift, if made recently, might have crossed the School’s appeal in the mail.

For me to receive tax credit in a given year, when must the School receive my gift? 

On-line gifts must be made by midnight December 31st. Checks must be mailed in an envelope postmarked on or before December 31st. Stock must be transferred and received in the School’s account by December 31st.

I work for a corporation that will match my gift.  Will I receive credit for that matching gift? 

The School credits you with this gift for the purpose of giving clubs and societies.  For example, if you give $500 and you make possible a corporate match of $500, Chatham Hall honors you as a $1,000 leadership donor and member of the Benefactors Society. 

I would like to designate my gift to a specific purpose.  Will it count in the Annual Fund?

The heart of the Annual Fund is unrestricted giving that allows Chatham Hall to direct gifts to the School’s highest priorities.  Gifts to the School’s endowment are not counted in the Annual Fund, but many other restricted gifts may count towards Annual Fund and class participation goals.  Please contact the Advancement Office at 434 432-5600 to discuss your gift idea.