Program Information

Our Riding Program offers forward seat fundamentals woven with modern hunter and equitation styles in accordance with horsemanship. Chatham Hall Riding is a dynamic program and unique among equestrian boarding schools in terms of program and facility. Chatham Hall's riding program teaches all aspects of horsemanship and ensures students have the training to handle horses sucessfully in and out of the ring.  Our students participate in local and “A” rated horse shows within a two-hour radius of school. Our lessons consist of mounted and un-mounted instruction, and focus on horsemanship as well as riding. Students learn the method behind the instruction and how to handle a variety of horses.

The Interscholastic Equestrian Team (IEA) is made up of riders from varying levels. This team travels and competes at different venues locally and nationally following the same format as the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association. Riders only need to own show clothes to compete in the IEA—no horses are needed, as the host team will provide them. IEA is a great opportunity to “catch ride,” learn how to work as a team, and prepare one for riding in college.

How many horses do you have? How big is the barn?

We have 40 stalls and there are approximately 40 horses on the property at any given time. Generally, Chatham Hall offers 25–30 school-owned horses of all levels available for students to use in lessons and on independent rides.

Do the girls take care of the horses?

We have a professional staff that cares for the horses’ basic needs (stall cleaning, feeding, and medical care). The girls are expected to groom and tack their horses before riding and care for them after their lessons. This may include turn out in the evenings.

Where would I be riding?

Chatham Hall has three riding arenas: two outdoor arenas and the Mars Indoor Arena. We also have a permanent Hunter Trials course and many trails on campus. Often lessons are held in one of our many fields to make use of the uneven terrain to help develop riders’ position and controls. As an equestrian boarding school, our riding program is woven in to every aspect of school life and that includes making use of our campus! 

How often can I ride?

Riding is part of the Chatham Hall Athletic Program. Each team meets daily Monday – Friday. Our school riding program offers 4 mounted lessons and one horsemanship/workout a day.

Is there financial aid available to cover riding costs?

There is no direct aid, but we do offer the girls a work/study program in which they assist the stable manager in return for credit toward their riding fees. Interested students should speak with the stable manager at the beginning of the school year.

What Equipment do I need?

All horses come equipped with their own tack. Riders need to only own an ASTM approved helmet, paddock boots & half chaps, and breeches. Riders who board their own horses must supply all equipment needed for their care. If you are uncertain as to what to bring please contact the Riding Faculty. 

What are the fees for riding, showing, and how do the girls pay for the shows?

Riding fees are billed home on a monthly basis. When we participate in a show off campus, all show related fees are paid up front by the school and then billed to the student’s account. Typical fees include entry fees, shipping fees, hotel, braiding, medications, and training. For more information, please contact the director of riding.

Who cares for the horses at shows?

Each student is expected to care for her own horse when we are off campus at a show or other activity. We make sure every girl knows how to care for her horse properly before the first show of the year. The instructors at the show assist with care as needed.

How many students are in each lesson? Will I be riding with girls my level?

Lessons are grouped according to what team a student is on. Within that team, lessons are scheduled in small groups for personalized instruction. 

What kind of turn out is available for privately owned horses? How often will my horse be turned out?

We have 4 large fields (20+ acres) and 7 smaller paddocks available for turn out. When a horse arrives, we ascertain its previous turn out history and work with the owner to decide which turn out situation will be the best for that individual horse. Most privately owned horses are turned out in the smaller paddocks alone or with one companion. Most horses are turned out every night, weather permitting. If there is an unusual turn out need, we will work with the owner to do what is best for the individual horse.

What are the veterinarian and farrier arrangements for the horses?

The Chatham Animal Clinic, home to Dr. Paul Erwin, is located on Pruden Street about a quarter mile from campus. Doctor Erwin is available 24 hours a day for emergencies, and is frequently on campus for routine care. We employ two farriers, both Certified Journeymen. One farrier is here each week and one is always on call for emergencies.

What health records do I need before I bring my horse to school?

The boarding contract goes into detail about the vaccinations needed before bringing a horse onto campus. Please contact the stable manager, Carolyn Meyer, for further information.