Hallam Hurt Travel Award

The Hallam Hurt '63 Student and Faculty Foreign Travel Award helps Chatham Hall students pursue a question they’ve been burning to answer.

Love physics and music? One student did, and found herself traveling to Italy to study the acoustics in opera houses. Are you a beef eater who loves to ride horses? You could find yourself riding with gauchos in Argentina learning about the organic, grass-fed beef industry, like another past travel award recipient.

With the Hallam Hurt '63 Student and Faculty Foreign Travel Award, you decide how to follow your passion.

How to Apply

Start by approaching a teacher who shares a passion for your topic and would be willing to accompany you on your trip. Write a proposal stating your question and explain how traveling the world will help you get to the bottom of it. Include a proposed itinerary and a budget.

Applications are due the first Friday of November. The travel award committee makes decisions before Thanksgiving Break.

Past Recipients

Since the Hallam Hurt '63 Student and Faculty Foreign Travel Award was established in 2005, the following students and teachers have participated:

  • 2013 Lily Fulop ('14) and Dr. Ned Edwards - Study of a common ancestry in religion, Israel
  • 2012 Walker Abbott (‘14) and Ron Merricks – Study of the organic beef industry, Argentina
  • 2011 Libby Goldstein (‘12) and Cricket Stone – 
Influence of Andalusian Horses Upon Modern-day Sport 
Horse Breeds, Spain and Germany
  • 2010 Tyler Burkett (‘11) and Dennis Reichelderfer – 
The Life of Sophie Scholl and the White Rose Movement:
 Resistance to the Rise of the Nazis, Germany
  • 2009 Amy Hendricks (‘10) and Ken Tyburski – 
Molta Musica: An Appraisal of Musical History in Italy
  • 2008 Grace Fulop (‘09) and Geoff Braun – 
Study of the evolution of pilgrimage in England
  • 2007 Kaitlin Tebeau (‘08) and Caswell Nilsen – 
Historical fiction research on the Scottish Highland Clearance’s impact on the clan system, Scotland
  • 2006 Isabella Yeager (‘07) and Alan Spearman – Research on the wife of medieval poet John Gower, England
  • 2005 Courtney Atkinson (‘06) and Ann Beal – Investigation of the literature of Dostoevsky and Tolstoy, Russia