Student Diplomacy Corps

Student Diplomacy Corps

Student Diplomacy Corps conducts rich, experiential programs with a network of leading international non-profit educational organizations.  These cross-cultural programs are 3-5 weeks in duration and are enhanced through the exploration of universal issues like biodiversity, sustainability, anthropology, food and nutrition, art and music and voluntary service.

Sample Destinations
Europe, Asia and the Pacific, Africa, France, Chile and Easter Islands, Australia, Botswana, Italy, Costa Rica, Cambodia, Spain, Japan, U.K., China and Kenya - just to name a few.

All Chatham Hall sophomores and juniors are eligible to apply to participate in Student Diplomacy Corps summer programs.  

We are fortunate that a Chatham Hall alumna devoted to experiential learning and educational opportunities helps fund scholarship opportunities for Chatham Hall girls in need of financial assistance to participate each summer.

How To Apply
Contact Martha Griswold, Dean of Students, for more information. Click here for the Application.