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We are located in Chatham, Virginia—a small town that is big on charm and bigger on travel opportunity.

A self-described “true Southern town,” Chatham boasts 1,300 residents. While it prides itself on the friendliness and good manners of its citizens, Chatham’s location makes it really stand out. Within 1-2 hours, we can be in Lynchburg, Roanoke, Raleigh/Durham Research Triangle, Greensboro – Charlottesville. A drive of just over 4 hours puts us in Washington, D.C. This proximity translates into day and weekend trips to enjoy cultural, shopping and sports activities.

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Chatham Hall east coast boarding school is conveniently located near several airports and metropolitan areas.

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If you want quaint accommodations with lots of hospitality, be sure to stay in one of Chatham’s lovely “bed and breakfasts.” For more traditional hotel/motel accommodations, Gretna is only 12 miles to the north, Altavista and Lynchburg are 25 and 50 minutes to the north, respectively, while Danville and Reidsville are only 20 and 30 minutes to the south . Wherever you decide to rest your head, be sure to mention that you are visiting Chatham Hall boarding school. Many facilities offer special rates.

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