Faculty Profiles

Chatham Hall faculty are individuals and their interests are far-reaching. They represent numerous states, have lived and studied abroad, and have talents that go beyond their academic disciplines (Yarn bombing, quilting, Frisbee golf, ukulele, opera, baking, birding…). What they all have in common is a desire to teach girls, help them find their voice, and to open doors that will enable Chatham Hall students to fulfill their dreams. Get to know some of these very special members of our community.

Susan Morley

Fine and Performing Arts Chair

"I came to Chatham Hall because I wanted to be part of a school honestly committed to developing and improving fine and performing arts.  Chatham Hall’s arts are not just talking points, but truly supported by both the administration and the school community.  In all areas of the arts, I have witnessed growth in the programs and dedication to providing the most challenging and exciting possibilities for our girls." Read More


Gwen Couch

English Teacher

"Essentially, everything we do here is with girls in mind! Chatham Hall provides an ideal teaching and learning environment. Students are expected to articulate their thoughts and ideas every day, and they embrace the creative, collaborative approach to learning that Chatham Hall promotes.  Their positive engagement inspires me to continue to look at the material in new ways. Sometimes students will ask whether I get “bored” teaching some of the same books year after year. On the contrary, each Chatham Hall student brings a new perspective to the class. I learn from them in numerous ways every day." Read More