College Process by Grade

Sophomore Year

  • October : PSAT (for practice)
  • June : Class meeting with the college counselor

Junior Year

  • October : Parents Weekend: Junior Parent and Student Workshop
  • October : PSAT/NMSQT test
  • By October : Naviance software introduction for juniors and parents
  • November : NACAC National College Fair in Washington, D.C.
  • November : College Counseling Questionnaires due
  • December–May: SAT-I Reasoning, ACT, and SAT-II Subject Tests taken for the first time. Juniors will have one administration of the SAT-I and ACT prior to the end of the school year.
  • January–May: College Counseling 101 class once a week
  • February–May: Individual college counseling sessions once a month, including in-class meetings and college résumé conferences.
  • March–May: English classes will write a first draft college essay based on Common Application essay prompts
  • June : “Long List” of colleges created before the end of the school year

Summer Between Junior And Senior Year

(On your own)

  • Visit college campuses; interview if possible.
  • Continue research on colleges. Surf websites and use Naviance.
  • Take SAT/ACT prep classes or complete online study.
  • Read! Read! Read!
  • Work on refining and polishing college essay(s).
  • August 1: Begin completing the Common Application. Save each section as you progress.

Senior Year

  • August –September : Individual post-summer counseling sessions
  • September : “Short List” of colleges with deadlines, testing requirements, and target dates set
  • September : Ask teachers for recommendations
  • September : Senior English IV classes write experiential essay or another Common Application essay
  • September–December: College Counseling 101 class once a week
  • September–January: At least three opportunities to re-take SAT-I, SAT-II and/or ACT
  • September–April: Continue college visits (on your own)
  • October : Parents Weekend: Senior Parent and Student Individual Meetings
  • October : Senior college visits during Fall Long Weekend (two days off from school)
  • October–November: Early decision (ED) and/or early action (EA) applications completed and mailed (or sent via Naviance)
  • December: Colleges mail ED decisions to applicants
  • December : All regular admission (RA)/regular decision (RD) applications completed
  • December : Online Financial Aid Webinars via for parents. Four identical sessions offered at various times throughout the day.
  • January–April: Colleges mail “rolling” and “regular” decisions to applicants
  • January–February: Families complete and submit college financial aid applications
  • March–May: Individual meetings with college counselor to check on decision-making process. Individual phone appointments encouraged for parents as progress is made.
  • May : National Candidate Reply Date. Submit deposits and commitment forms to colleges to confirm enrollment and financial aid.