What Makes Chatham Hall Such a Special Place

Suzanne Walker Buck, Rector

Standing Out from the Crowd

Chatham Hall provides what any first-tier boarding school does: powerful academics, strong sports, and an abiding sense of community with a family-like atmosphere. Also like other first-tier girls’ schools, we focus on the girl herself and her finding her own voice and passion in life. So, in that sense, we recognize our participation in a powerful, first-tier boarding school environment and the obligations thereof.
But Chatham Hall’s unique contribution to this traditional blend is that it offers all these factors in a small school (with all the advantages that being intentionally small offers), combined with the focus on integrity that an Honor Code provides, and the open spirituality that our Episcopal School affiliation and innovative Chapel program offers.

There is no school with this particular blend within a small school, thus allowing for a distinctive focus on integrity (academic, social, and spiritual) and on character. That's Chatham Hall- no other place mixes it up the way we do. 

Learning Through Service to Others

No place does service the way we do. We do not simply go to South Africa and Cuba, we serve there. We learn through doing, and in service and collaboration with others. We have partnerships with organizations in other countries; we do not simply visit them.