Living at Chatham Hall

“I feel like I can be myself here.” – Ana Zenter ‘16

Residential faculty members at Chatham Hall are teachers, gardeners, pet lovers, coaches, artists, comedians, advisors, role models, and more. Every realm in which they navigate, however, they are teachers first. They are teachers who feel called to guide girls through adolescence. We intentionally surround our students with dynamic adults who are in various stages of life so that students can seek support and wisdom from all kinds of people. Through these caring relationships, students strengthen their sense of self. That is why, time after time, Chatham Hall girls exhale once they arrive on campus, saying, “I feel like I can be myself here.” This is a place where authenticity is valued.

In our residential program, we challenge the girls to take healthy risks while also setting developmentally appropriate limits. Our residence halls are structured with health and safety in the forefront of our minds. Yet, we also know that girls need to connect - and feel connected - if they are going to thrive. We teach them formally (through hall meetings and Link Groups) and informally (hanging out on dorm with friends or baking in a House Faculty member’s apartment) how to live with peers who are older and younger, who come from China, Haiti, and Italy or from New York City and southwest Virginia. We believe that the exchanges that take place after school in the residence halls and on weekends foster genuine relationships. The bonds they make stimulate their learning, enhance their emotional intelligence, and enrich their experience.

In the midst of all of this living and learning, something magical and remarkable happens – the girls’ strengths unfold before them; their powerful, purposeful, remarkable voices speak.  And, at Chatham Hall, we get to listen.