Benefactors Society


In 2015-2016, gifts from the Benefactors Society—a group of 242 donors who gave gifts totaling $1,000 or more to the Annual Fund, the endowment, and/or other purposes—provided the foundation of support for Chatham Hall.

The Benefactors Society includes six 1894 Founders Circle members - donors who support the Annual Fund with gifts of $25,000 or more and 44 Rector’s Circle members - donors who support the Annual Fund with gifts of $10,000 - $24,999.  We are deeply grateful for these leaders and all of the alumnae, parents, grandparents, teachers, and friends who keep Chatham Hall strong.

Founder's Circle

Judy Carter '63
Jane Garnett '73
Linda Mars '78
Special Fund #6 of the Hampton Roads Community Foundation
Alice Pack Melly '52
Kate Johnson Nielsen '72

Rector's Circle

Kathelen and Daniel Amos P'07, '12
Lucy McClellan Barrett '53
Povy LaFarge Bigbee '51, G'03, '09, '10, '11
Nina Johnson Botsford '72
Katharine Bulkley '77
Kenneth and Donie Martin Carlson '87, P'18
Katharine Reynolds Chandler '68
Katherine Cravens '55
Laura Brown Cronin '72
Ben and Betty Davenport
Jian Ding and Yi Wang P'16
Sarah Martin Finn '74
Diana Howard Fisketjon '78
Stacey Goodwin '83
Polly Wheeler Guth '44, P'70 †
Robin Tieken Hadley '57
Robin Hanes '73
Katherine Coleman Haroldson '75
Barbara Mallory Hathaway '39
Walker Johnson Jones '70
Pauline Dent Ketchum '70
Sarah Monarchi Longpré '84
John and Adrienne Mars P'78
Josephine McFadden '57
Jennifer Gammill McKay '84
Lillian Lineberger McKay '48 and Hamilton W. McKay, Jr. P'72, '75, G'10
Carol Monarchi P'84
Mark Mu and Zhi Lu P'18
Lea Cumings Parson '44, P'65, '68
Joan Coulter Pittman '55
Karl and Carolyn Rathjen P'18
Brett and Elizabeth Rule P'16
Cynthia Lovelace Sears '55
Christine Robinson Secor '68
Jean Armfield Sherrill '63
Robin Peake Stuart '69
Michelle Thomas Supko '02
Nevin and Dora Thomas P'02, '04
Constance Flint West '66
Harriet Simons Williams '48
Penelope Perkins Wilson '41, P'67
Xiangdong Wu and Guofeng Luo P'18
Carolyn Carter Yawars '66

Lantern Circle

J. Kermit and Glenys Birchfield P'93
Susan Fair Boyd '51
Anne Bryant '67
Suzanne Walker Buck and Johnny Buck
Mary W. Covey Charitable Trust, Bank of America, Trustee
Sally Dunham Davis '50
Beverly Edgell P'93
Douglas and Elizabeth Goldstein P'12
Muffin Dalton Grant '66
Alice Lineberger Harney '56
Henry and Jane Hawthorne P'16, '19
Isabel Hooker '43
Lynn Rosengarten Horowitz '67
Channing Howe P'69 †
Julia Morris Kashkashian '75
Andrea Littman Long '96
Eleanor Silliman Maroney '58
Katie Belk Morris '72
Jane Everhart Murray '63
The Louise P. Overbey Trust
Hallie Bettcher Pettegrew '86
Emilie Richardson '70
Lucie Wray Todd '49, P'75
Wen Wang and Wei Liu P'17
Susan Hill Ward '54
Linda Witherill '49
Studie Johnson Young '70

Iris Circle

Joanne Shartle Anderson '49
Lee Edwards Anderson '53
Boyce Lineberger Ansley '64, P'90 †
Ellen Simmons Ball '73
Bradie Barr '81
Katherine McKay Belk-Cook '44, P'72
Patricia Parshall Berger '56
Mary Duncan Bicknell '60
Fred and Brenda Blair P'92, '00
Virginia Cates Bowie '73
Mary Boy '75
Sara Clay Branch '66
Theodore Bruning
John and Susan Buck
Fay Wilmerding Burdon '57
Eleanor Burke '86
David and Barbara Caldwell P'06
Campbell Insurance Company
Kathleen Arey Carroll '67
Virginia Carter '76
Jerry and Judith Clark P'04
Louise Clarke '63
Lois Hart Coleman '46
Barbara Collie P'85
Sarah Collie '85
Diane Brown Connally '66
Trygve Norstrand Cooley '48
Martha Walton Coonley '66
Carole Robertson Coviello '62
Mary Hooker Crary '45
Jenny Crisp '81
Mary Culler '83
Mary Currie '66
Carol Babcock Davenport '47, P'70
Frederick B. Dent P'68, '70
Cynthia Coe Devine '73
Thomas and Martha Dixon P'15
Elizabeth Slade Driscoll '50
Patricia Noojin Dudley '67
Mary Dunbar '71
Sally Witt Duncan '44
Mitchell and Elizabeth Dunn G'19
Olivia Hutchins Dunn '53
Joanna Edgell '93
Robert and Louise Ench G'16
Florence Schroeder Ervin '58
Rong Fei and Ran Liao P'16
Mary Applegate Fisher '36, P'64
Sara Cruikshank Foster '46
Laurel Cobble Fountain '93
Julia Frazier '62
Joan Stanley French '44
Cornelia Freyer '70
John and Elizabeth Gardner P'18
Cornelia Mueller Gibson '53, P'83
Sarah Dabney Gillespie '77
Cecily Fowler Grand '68
Susan Gillings Gross '98
Nancy Evans Gruner '47
Richard and Charlotte Hare P'18
Nancy Gwathmey Harris '50
Wenbiao He and Weihong Min P'18
Douglas and Kathryn Hendrickson P'02
Betty Hessee '70
Helene Zimmermann Hill '46, P'80, '82
Melanie Kirk Holton '87
Hallam Hurt '63
Glenn and Brenda Huth P'18
Stephan Jannach and Claudia Cardona P'19
Virginia Johnson P'70, '72
Jean Merritt Johnston '62
Kirby Kittredge Johnstone '63
Mary Kay Karzas '71
Martha Ann Keels '75
Nancy Lee Smith Kemper '69
Jee-Young Kim '96
Danielle Thomas Kimmel '04
Annette Kirby '80
Van and Mary Knick
Christine Knight P'19
Katherine Hairston La Rosa '72
Anna Lane '72
Dione and Robert Leak P'15
George and Lee Lester G'18
Gladding Schaff Markunas '68
Bradford Simmons Marshall '76
Martha Justice Martin '55
Susan Elder Martin '53
Chester Mayo P'15
David and Lynne McBride P'18
Robert and Mary McIver P'10
Sarah Shartle Meacham '51
Sharon Ellis Miller '57
Joanna Sperry Mockler '51
Ann Ward Morgan '48
James Morris
Clare Harwood Nunes '52
Michael and Patricia O'Brien P'06, '07
Mary Norris Preyer Oglesby '68
Lee Porter Page '59
Cynthia Bryant Parker '61
Elizabeth Reigeluth Parker '64
William and Betty Penny G'14, '17
Ross and Margot Perot G'18
Elizabeth Peters '81
Lillian Headley Poole '62
Jane Preyer '72
Reagan Greene Pruitt '95
Sally Reese Pryor '50
Margie Hastings Quinlan '66
Billie Reynolds P'82, '84, '85
Frances Wallace Robertson '73
Michael and Donna Robertson P'15
Patricia Robinson '70
Cynthia Rodriguez P'13
Alice Flint Roe '63
Ellen MacVeagh Rublee '50, P'78
John and Jennifer Runnells P'19
Catherine Doeller Sage '80
Isabelle Selby '73
Mary Shallenberger '66
Andrew Shiftan P'19
Richard Simmons
William and Virginia Slicer P'19
Kathryn Reed Smith '45
Laura Spencer '07
Anna Lineberger Stanley '58
Janet Tremaine Stanley '68
Jean Stone '71
Eugene and Kathryn Stuart P'15
James and Dianne Stuart
Barbara Billings Supplee '53
Sallie Grace Tate '81
Natalie Farrar Theriot '55
Wissie Thompson '58
Paul and Hayley Todd P'17
Donald and Laurie Trexler P'17
Elizabeth Kirk Unger '73
Mary Lynn Thomas Van Wyck '66
Margaret Horner Walker '58
Robert and Joan Wallick P'87
Ross Walton P'16, '19
Amelia Walker Ward '66
Katharine Watson '60
Anshan Wei and Liyao Cheng P'16
John and Patricia Wilson P'16
Sarah Jones Winmill '49
Sherley Young '57
Xiong Zhang and Jinhua Shao P'16

Purple & Gold Circle for Young Alumnae

Young Alumnae donors of $500-$999 who graduated between six and 16 years ago, and Young Alumnae donors of $100-$499 who graduated within the past five years

Schaeffer Goss Barnhardt '06
Katherine Buckner '15
Eliza Caprio '15
Sriya Chadalvada '15
Ruijing Deng '15
Delaney Evans '15
Victoria Fitzgerald '13
Clarice Gardner '15
Elizabeth Goldstein '12
Susanna Hogg '15
Mereweather Lackey '15
Jia Yun Li '15
Karla Hudson Martin '02
Claire Mayo '15
Madison McAdams '14
Abby Pinyard '15
Adair Hendrickson Ravencraft '02
Mary-Michael Robertson '15
Jingyi Shao '15
Annika Tice '15
Randall Wiseman '12



† Deceased