Young Alumnae Giving

Young Alumnae Giving

What did you get from your time at Chatham Hall? A mentor? A new way of looking at the world? The chance to study abroad? A best friend? A chance to help others?

If you graduated from Chatham Hall within the past 15 years, chances are The Annual Fund gave you something that matters. It's never too soon to think about giving back. Your participation in the Annual Fund is essential in helping Chatham Hall continue to grow.

The Annual Fund offers special recognition to leadership donors of all ages, with giving levels that scale along with the number of years from graduation.

• Anyone who graduated from Chatham Hall in the past five years can donate $100 to be considered a benefactor in the Purple and Gold Giving Society.

• After five years, and up to the fifteenth year since graduation, a young alumna can give $500 to be part of the Purple and Gold Society.

• Anyone who gives a gift of any size for five years will be part of the Columns Society.

• Young alumnae who give at these levels receive the same recognition and thanks as their older counterparts.

This year’s Annual Fund drive ends June 30th, but don’t wait until June.  Let’s take up the Challenge today!