Chatham Hall Needs Us


The Facts
Income from tuition, endowed funds, fees and other revenue from operations cover 88% of the budget. Chatham Hall proceeds in faith each year that the remaining 12% needed will be funded by its dedicated alumnae, involved parents, and caring friends.

Our endowment at the beginning of the school year was approximately $58.1 million–not bad for a school of our size but still 30-50% less than top competing girls’ schools. 

Our Family Pulling Together
Chatham Hall has few alumnae, and the number of alumnae is shrinking each year as small classes of 25-35 graduates replace early classes of 45-60. This year, Chatham Hall is asking 2,661 alumnae for support. Every one of us is important. We can no longer rely on “other people” to help the School we love meet its financial obligations. After all, if not us, than who will carry Chatham Hall into the future?

A Gift Of Any Amount Counts
A gift of any amount is worth more than its face value because just the act of contributing a gift boosts Chatham Hall’s image in the marketplace. The general public rates alumnae affection and commitment to their alma mater by looking at alumnae participation rates.We are proud to announce that last year, 39% of alumnae gave a gift to the Annual Fund!