Campus Life

Residential Life

More than 80 percent of students board at our school. They find lots of opportunities for spontaneous fun, along with parties hosted by dorm faculty, game nights at faculty houses, and many other activities to fill the nights and weekends. The dormitories become a home away from home, where students form friendships they'll treasure for the rest of their lives.

Activities & Events

Boarding school is definitely not boring. Movie nights at faculty homes, dinner with friends in the student kitchen, group ski trips to Wintergreen resort, sightseeing tours to Washington, D.C. Life at Chatham Hall is filled with exciting ways to spend your free time, and a whole community of friends with which to explore new activities and observe favorite traditions.

Service & Activism

Service is an essential part of life for our students. Instead of requiring participation in service activities, we rely on the spirit of altruism that runs strong throughout our community — and the boundless compassion our students possess. Opportunities to serve span all interests and distances, from volunteering in the campus garden to mentoring young students at schools in South Africa.

Honor & Tradition

Traditions help our many generations of students and faculty form a legacy that strengthens the entire community. Our most precious tradition, the Purple and Golden Rule, holds students accountable to each other as equal participants in a caring and supportive sisterhood.

Spiritual Life

As an independent Episcopal school, Chatham Hall encourages spiritual reflection in all aspects of life on campus. We sing grace at meals, hold prayer groups on dorm, discuss theology through personal stories, and attend chapel three times a week. Rather than emphasizing religious differences, we focus on what we have in common — our human spirituality — and encourage girls to participate in ways that are most meaningful to them.


Art. Dance. Drama. Literature. French. Horseback riding. Calculus. Chatham Hall hosts clubs for every interest you can think of, and maybe some you haven’t. Join a discussion group about one of your favorite hobbies, or learn about something completely new. And if you can’t find a club here that you like, the faculty will help you start your own!

A few of our clubs at Chatham

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At Chatham Hall, we nurture the body as well as the mind. Our dining program offers a wide variety of healthy, fresh, and sustainable foods — that also happen to be delicious! There are vegetarian and other dietary options, new things you might not have tried, and favorites just like you make at home, all chosen to help our students grow into healthy, strong young women.

Dining Services