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Riding at Chatham Hall from Chatham Hall on Vimeo.

Whether you’ve been riding your whole life or have always wanted to start, you can find a place in our program. The Chatham Hall campus is home to more than 30 horses, three teaching arenas, a permanent hunter trials course, and plenty of trails, making it one of the top equestrian boarding schools.


The basketball program is always ready to rise to the challenge of taking on fierce competition. There is great pride of working together as a team on both ends of the floor to develop fundamental skills and strategies of the game while working to develop the all-around athlete.

Skills, drills, chalk-talk sessions, game-play, and conditioning are at the center of our program. Our main goal is to leave the floor each and every practice and game knowing that we played our best.

Cross Country

The cross country program continues to grow in numbers and strength of talent. Our team works on conditioning, running techniques, and race strategies in order to have the best competition runs possible. Through hard work and goal-setting, the individual runners strive to keep the team feel as a main objective in the program.

Field Hockey

The field hockey program strives to instill an understanding of the rules, fundamental skills, and in-depth strategies of the game, while working to develop the all-around athlete. We also work to develop strong team play at both the JV and Varsity levels.

Whether you have played field hockey prior to coming to Chatham Hall or are stepping on the field for the first time, our field hockey program will allow you the opportunity to compete at a high level of play.


A relatively new interscholastic sport, the golf team is just beginning to take off. Focusing on fundamental skills and teamwork, the coach challenges individual athletes to compete at a high level.


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Fundamental skills and challenging game-play are a focus of the soccer program’s direction. The team centers their play on good ball control, strong defense, and teamwork.

Players are challenged to learn a variety of positions in the team’s system of play, and the coaching staff works with all players at the Varsity and JV levels.


A program with a winning tradition, the team continues to grow in numbers. Improving skills, techniques, and conditioning in the fall and spring prepares athletes for the winter’s competitive high school season.


Our varsity tennis program strives to develop a solid all-around tennis player. We not only work to teach the rules, skills, and strategies of the game of tennis, but we also help players to develop maturity in their on-court decisions.

Skills, drills, match play, and conditioning are at the center of our program. Players will work as individuals, but they will see how their individual efforts collectively come together to unite and support the team overall.


The volleyball program prides itself on adapting to the competition and learning new skill sets on both offense and defense. We look to develop our program each year with a dynamic coach, hardworking players, and love for the game.