Lee Library

Chatham Hall has transformed the 12,256-square-foot Edmund J. and Lucy Lee Library into a dynamic new learning commons. It now serves as an academic and technological hub for collaborative learning, research, study, and teaching on campus.

Versatile meeting and study spaces promote an engaging atmosphere for learning, and integration of more advanced technology opens doors for creative new teaching methods. Chatham Hall has already received national attention integrating iPads into the curriculum, and the new library supports and enhances these tools that are transforming how we teach and learn.

Lee Library

The library serves as a catalyst for intellectual conversation, collaborative work, research, design, and technology-based classes.

Follow the new library's progress with regular updates on the official Library Twitter Feed.


Meet the Librarian

Cara Kinsey possesses excellent research skills and is prepared to help students in such endeavors. Her passion for librarianship blossomed and remains because it allows her to stay connected to all subjects from the sciences to the humanities, while supporting a school's curricular goals and engaging students' individual interests.

Email me  - ckinsey@chathamhall.org

Phone me:  434-432-5618